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South African Digital Professionals Graduate in Dublin

South African Digital Professionals Graduate in Dublin

The latest cohort of South African professionals have successfully completed our International online BSc Honours Degree in Digital Skills.

Our International BSc Degree programmes provide working professionals with experience of developing real digital solutions to real business challenges. These challenges are provided by Industry Partners, a network of organisations that have placed digital at the heart of business strategy. This innovative model gives participants a valuable opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to a live project and build a portfolio of professional evidence. It also drives digital innovation and efficiency within Industry Partner companies. The Digital Skills Industry Partners programme, has been embraced in South Africa by enterprises such as MultiChoice, as well as by MTN South Africa, Standard Bank and KPMG.

Amongst the alumni attending the graduation ceremony in Dublin, Ireland were six MultiChoice employees who completed the BSc Honours Degree in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation.

Morne Bosch-Serfontein, Group Chief Data Officer, said at the graduation in Dublin that the Digital Skills programme had been a beneficial one. “We were quite excited to complete this journey with Digital Skills. We also look forward to sending a new group of people on this journey and enable them with more digital skills which will be very beneficial for the MultiChoice Group.”

“It is very important for us to adapt in order to grow our business. So aligning with a partner that can assist us with world-class digital training solidifies our business growth strategy,” Bosch-Serfontein said when the Industry Partner agreement was signed in September 2016.

Eric Maurel, Online Platforms Manager at MultiChoice and another graduate of the Digital Skills Honours Degree programme said: “It was quite rare to find a qualification that focused exactly on what I’m doing at work. The collaboration from overseas and the skills and knowledge of the lecturers were fantastic. I’ve already started transferring to the workplace the skills that I’ve learned including building user-centred solutions.”

About Digital Skills

Founded in 2008 by CEO Paul Dunne, Digital Skills is a premier industry provider of online BSc Degree, Professional Diploma programmes and short courses in digital skills and has produced over 2,500 talents to date. More specifically South African participants on the Digital Skills programmes come from respected international companies that include MTN, Investec, Standard Bank, MultiChoice and Nedbank