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International Business Exposure is Invaluable. We can help.

International Business Exposure is Invaluable. We can help.

We live and work in an increasingly globalized world. The blurring of boundaries is partially due to the explosion of the internet that allows near instantaneous marketing, sales and commerce from virtually anywhere. The world is shrinking, the market is growing, and business professionals find themselves needing to service the needs of customers from around the globe.



Most business professionals today are impacted by international influences in some form. It is critical that individuals planning for a career in business understand the intricacies and complexities of working with partners from other countries. Culture, political systems, and socio-economic factors all influence business practices. Regardless of the segment—finance, manufacturing, marketing, information technology, etc.— an experience with and an understanding of global issues is critical.



As cloud services, mobile apps and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to transform most every aspect of our lives, global consumers are increasingly relying on digital tools as their primary interface to the companies they do business with, regardless of where they are located.



Expanding business online to international markets is one of the key growth areas for organizations. But where should a company begin? What skills should your business have in order to capitalize on this great international business opportunity? These answers can be discovered most accurately through exposure and experience.





There’s no disputing that business today crosses many borders. The more international experience an employee can bring to a company, the more the company can expand its global reach. Being exposed to new business cultures and the experiences that come with collaborating on international, cooperative projects, is a unique way to gain this exposure.



Our programmes require significant industry engagement, as our participants are required to work on real world, internationally focused projects. We build relationships with leading industry partners in key cities around the world who provide these industry projects. We all work together to bring a depth of knowledge, experience and meaningful international exposure to our participants. 



We work closely with our Industry Partners who provide projects for our international participant teams to address as part of their learning experience. These can be complex websites, mobile apps, modified digital services, or other development initiatives. The experiences from these projects are invaluable to our participants, helping them refine their problem solving and decision making skills, and gaining an understanding of the importance of dialogue among people with different cultural backgrounds.



In your experience, what are some of the other benefits of collaborating with international teams? We’d love to hear from you.