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Graduate Fiach O’Neill: Developing a Digital Design Portfolio to Get Your Dream Job

Graduate Fiach O’Neill: Developing a Digital Design Portfolio to Get Your Dream Job

Fiach O'Neill is a graduate of our BSc Honours in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation and a Senior Digital Designer at M.CO.

What skills did you learn on the programme and how did they help you?

Over the duration of the course, I gained digital skills in graphic and web design, but also skills in dealing with multi-disciplinary teams and online collaboration, all of which I now use on a daily basis. I believe the course teaches you to be adaptable and prepares you for working in real world situations and experiences.

How did you find your industry partner project and what did it teach you?

Through the course, you come to understand the key principles of digital design and you have the opportunity to apply those working with an industry partner. This experience is invaluable as you learn to work with a client, meet deadlines and deliver a viable digital product ready for market. A product which can and will form the centerpiece of your portfolio for future employment, as it did mine.

What aspects of the course were challenging and how did this help you in your future job applications?

It seemed we were handing in an assignment every week. You have to remember that with most design jobs, you’re hired based upon the quality of your portfolio. By the end of the year, each of these assignments culminated in an immensely strong portfolio, a portfolio which I got hired with at my very first interview after the course had finished.

What do you do now, and how did the course help you in your new role?

I now work as a digital designer at a top design and project management firm, a dream job that I wanted for years and it was Digital Skills that helped secure that future for me. Yes, the course was tough but if you invest a bit of time and effort in it you come out of it with the skills, experience and portfolio that employers want.