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Coding: The Skill Every Organisation Needs

Coding: The Skill Every Organisation Needs

Until recently coding was really only needed for working at pure tech companies such as software development or computer engineering firms. Now code is so fully integrated, not only across business but also our entire lives, that almost all businesses have code at their core.

The internet has massively levelled the business playing field, particularly in terms of a company's ability to reach their audience or market. It has also dramatically lowered the bar for entry to business. So much so that for many new businesses their website is both their point of engagement and their point of sale. It is literally their shop window. 

The wide availability of smartphones has also created enormous scope for people to create tech oriented companies without themselves being particularly tech literate. Every sector offers niche opportunities where apps and other programmes can make a job easier or a process more efficient.

The result is a huge overlap in demand where people in traditionally non-tech sectors need the skills of coders to help them bring their product to market or make their production process work better.

Even where a company or a sector is not producing novel software solutions, many are adopting established tech solutions that have become more efficient as well as cost effective. The broad availability of cloud technology providing software as a service is a significant example.

Insourced Code

But businesses large and small are often reluctant to rely completely on outsourced services and external consultants. When so much of a business can be moved onto the web or onto virtual servers it makes sense to have someone if not a few programmers in-house who can make informed judgements and rapid decisions about technology.

Of course many of tomorrow's most thriving businesses are today's energetic startups. These are predominantly tech companies with high potential and an innovative product or service to develop.

Meeting of Minds

However the entrepreneur behind a start up will not necessarily have coding skills nor even be particularly tech savvy. There are a whole different set of skills required for founding, building and promoting a business. A competent entrepreneur will however, seek a co-founder with programming knowledge.

Simply put, the kind of people who are good or great at creating businesses, getting them off the ground, coming up with ideas, making connections, getting financing, negotiating deals and discovering markets are not necessarily people who are able to code. Coding is something that takes a lot of time and patience to learn which is not always a trait dynamic entrepreneurs have.

Systems Understanding

This is why coders have so often made great partners for tech entrepreneurs. At the same time, even businesses started by expert programmers will need more coders with a diversity of skills and experiences as their company grows.

Even where a business is established and not heavily dependent on technology the perspective of a coder can be valuable. A coder has the mindset and skill-set to analyse a company and see where technology implementations can streamline or improve their process. All businesses need to consider the myriad of digital platforms that can potentially improve process if they want to remain competitive.

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