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Cisco Provides ‘Project-Based Challenges’ for Participants in Skills Training

Cisco Provides ‘Project-Based Challenges’ for Participants in Skills Training

The largest IT and networking company in the world, Cisco, is the latest major multinational tech company to join our impressive list of Industry Partners.

The unique International BSc Degrees provide working professionals with experience of developing real digital solutions to real business challenges. These challenges are provided by Industry Partners, a network of organisations that have placed digital at the heart of business strategy. They range from developing websites and mobile apps to launching digital marketing campaigns and using digital solutions to make existing processes far more efficient.

The unique approach to experiential learning enables graduates to apply their new skills immediately.

Cisco provided real-world challenges for participants to develop their digital skills. Participants were provided with access to digital technologies and tools to address the given challenge and were required to share the outcome with Cisco.

“Digital opens up a world of opportunity, but it also introduces extensive complexity. To be successful in any industry, we now need a world of problem solvers who think digitally”, said Kathryn Baddeley, Head of CSR and Skills, Cisco UK & Ireland.

“We were delighted to work with Digital Skills to help their participants develop expertise through real-world challenges,” she added.

From left to right, Karen O’Grady, Corporate Account Manager at Digital Skills, and Christos Koutsiaris, Senior JavaScript Developer at SAP Ireland and Digital Skills Graduate.

“This was another exciting Industry Partnership for Digital Skills and more importantly, it provided programme participants with hands-on experience of working with one of the biggest names in technology and innovation”, said Paul Dunne, Founder and CEO at Digital Skills. “They gained invaluable experience by working in a cross-functional team, combining the functions of application development, design, research, social media integration and big data - and learned how to apply and perform their learning in real-world situations.”

Christos Koutsiaris, a Senior JavaScript Developer at SAP Ireland, originally from Greece, completed the BSc Honours Degree in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation, and was part of the Cisco Industry Project team. Commenting on the project, Christos highlighted that “working with a tech giant such as Cisco during a four-month project was very enriching. Not only did I apply key skills learned during the programme in a very hands-on business environment, but the project also enabled me to develop other competencies around digital collaboration and agile project development.”

This article first appeared in PR Newswire, on March 07 2018.