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Benefits of Distance Learning Education

Benefits of Distance Learning Education

For many people looking to advance or change their careers, deciding if distance education is their best option is an important question. Distance learning has come a long way from the days of the correspondence course college.

Virtual learning environments, VOIP and other networking technologies mean that distance learning is more engaging and dynamic than ever, capable of providing a comprehensive and complete education to students around the world. At Digital Skills, we are proud of the high standards of our video content help helps to deliver a world class learning experience to our participants across the globe. 

In this post, we list some of the direct benefits of distance education along with some benefits that are unique to virtual learning at Digital Skills. 

Location Independent

One of the most obvious benefits of distance learning it that it can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection. Moving to another town or city can be costly especially if it is a large capital and may not even be an option due to work or family responsibilities. Attending college in another country may also be difficult and costly due to visa restrictions.


Virtual courses can provide a higher quality education at a lower cost. Without the enormous overheads of a campus, classrooms, equipment, offices and administration, distance educators can pass these savings on to students.

Access to Cutting Edge Digital Content 

Distance learning colleges can more easily adapt to the needs and realities of changing industry. This is particularly important in the digital sector where change is measured in weeks rather than years. Our video content is recorded fresh after each iteration of our programme. This allows our academic and curriculum lead lecturers to deliver the most up-to-date curriculum. 

International Teams 

By its nature, a distance learning course brings together a more diverse group of students. This can provide students with exposure to cultural approaches in projects and work that they would not as readily receive in a conventional education environment. All of our participants are highly qualified in their respective fields and bring a wealth of experience to each of our international teams.  

Broader Networking Opportunities

A follow-on effect of this more diverse student body is that is provides networking opportunities outside of what a student could normally expect. Fellow students can become lifelong contacts and friends. As each progresses in their own careers they create an ever more valuable network that very often spans the entire globe.

Flexible Learning

Online learning allows students to study flexibly and balance work and home life. All of our lectures are recorded and available for participants to watch 24/7 online and anywhere they want. 

International Industry Partner Projects 

International industry partner projects are unique to Digital Skills. Each of our participants gets to work on real-life digital projects with international team members. Projects include app development, website development, software development, prototype development, digital marketing & social media campaigns. 

This post just skims the surface of the many benefits of distance learning with Digital Skills.