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2016 Blog Roundup: Advice on Digital Design, Coding, Growth Hacking, Events and More

2016 Blog Roundup: Advice on Digital Design, Coding, Growth Hacking, Events and More

Some great ideas, articles and inspiration from the Digital Skills Blog in 2016 you may have missed. 

While all sorts of unexpected things happened in 2016 (Brexit, Trump, musical celebrities), the Digital Skills blog continued to put out some great pieces through the year.

While it is always hard to choose favourites, here are some great, useful, helpful pieces that might inspire you to take it to the next level in your own business, career or entrepreneurial journey.

Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing

In its various forms, growth hacking is something we covered several times during the year, in terms of what it means, how to do it, different social media platforms to use, and then how to get the press to let the world know about your successes. Read and watch these pieces to gain some great advice and see what might work for you and your business.

We now live in a digital world. It is embedded into our daily lives and in the DNA of  Digital Skills To this end, whichever stream you are on, it will be vital to make sure that you can successfully communicate to the world what you are doing and why it is great. To help all of our students, in 2016 we ran a series of articles with digital marketing experts, from within Digital Skills, and interviewed global experts, such as Larry Kim, to get the latest tips and insights.

Digital Design

At the Digital Skills, we are fortunate that our lecturers for digital design and UX are passionate about the subject. Through the year, they wrote about the latest trends in design, and also travelled both in Ireland and beyond to attend the latest events. This enables our tutors and mentors to be right up to date with what’s hot, what’s not, and how to make the right design decisions for your own particular projects.

Coding Insights and Career Advice

All the projects for the Digital Skills are carefully devised to ensure that the coding languages used help participants to future-proof their skills and ensure a long and successful career as a developer. Numerous articles in our blog have helped you know about the best coding skills and trends to be aware of, and the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. It is a key goal of the Digital Skills courses to help you to increase your future employment prospects, and the blog posts share these insights from our tutors.

Start-up Insights and Business Advice

For those on the Project Management stream, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends, especially with many participants looking to launch their own businesses after graduation, or even during the course. Start-ups have been launched by participants on all three streams, management, coding, and design, and entrepreneurship is a topic we covered regularly on the blog.

DSA Graduate Success Stories

Check out your peers in the alumni corner. Over the past tweleve months, we have compiled a series of interviews tracking the experiences of those who have come through the course before you. These may help to inspire you to see it through, and get a sense of the wide range of career options open to you on completion of the course.

Whenever possible, if some of our participants attend a really useful event, we encourage them to share their experiences to enable others to learn from their insights. For example, some of our own alumni had a great time at Slush, the Helsinki Startup Festival, at the end of November to close out 2016 in a positive way. Read more about their experiences here.

The blog is a practical resource - Use it as much as possible

Overall, our goal for the Digital Skills blog is to create articles that are useful, informative and shareable. We look at our analytics to see which pieces were the most popular and helpful to our readers. If there are any topics you would like to read more about do let us know, and we will aim to cover these areas for you in 2017. Thanks again for reading, and hopefully you will have a successful and prosperous 2017!