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10 Reasons why Coding Skills are Vital for Organisations Worldwide

10 Reasons why Coding Skills are Vital for Organisations Worldwide

The FastCompany business website recently produced a great article explaining ‘Why coding is the most important job skill of the future’. They cited the fact that 1/3rd of the top 25 jobs on Glassdoor were in coding or IT related. In another report on the future jobs in cities it is clear that being digitally literate will be a massive advantage when it comes to looking to advancing your career (see more about the implications of this for you here).

Coding is not only an excellent career choice but also contributes to the growth of organisations worldwide. Here are 10 ways coding skills can help develop your career and drive growth for the business you work for or own. 

1. Increase Your Tech Literacy

No matter what role you are in, coding skills will provide you with a high level of tech literacy which will allow open up new opportunities in your career or organisation.

2. Become a Problem Solver

In a digital world everything is built up from ones and zeros. This insight will actually help you to understand at a deeper level how the tools around you work, and also help you to begin the problem solving process when things don’t!

3. Undertsand Technology 

You will understand how things develop, and how fast changes can be made. For example, it is relatively easy to upgrade within one particular operating system (such as to add functionality within an android environment) versus a very different level of undertaking to make something ‘just the same as what we have on Andriod but for iPhone’ (often not a very quick process at all …).

4. Become an Expert at Debugging

You may even be able to spot something with fresh eyes that a seasoned developer has looked over many times. Generally fixing bugs is a matter of trial and error, eliminating possibilities and trying different things. If you are able to think in this way you will be a great asset to the rest of your team, especially if you are working in an Agile environment.

5. Communicate with your Developers and Designers

API’s, SDKs, algorithms, tool kits, libraries and ‘taking a more granular approach’ will make more sense to you, at least at a high enough level to have the language to communicate with your developers, designers, and other departments too. This is a helpful asset to prevent your developers just speaking to each other in TLAs (three letter acronyms).

6. Communicate with Code

Coding skills enable you to communicate and engage with members of your company who you may not share a common spoken language with. In a large company you may have fellow developers from all over the world, China, India, Russia, among many other countries. While you may not all share the same linguistic or cultural origins, when it comes to writing good effective code you will be communicating through a shared coding platform.

7.  Coding can Benefit the C-suite

CEO’s of numerous global companies began as coding developers. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Satya Nadella among others started out coding and then progressed with business development. A coding background can be a great advantage when it comes to making decisions about which technologies to use in business.

8. Increase Your Salary

If you can code your entry salary is already above the average and will only rise and rise as you gather more experience. This means you will be well rewarded for taking the time to learn more coding languages and different libraries within them.

9. Be In-Demand

Recruitment companies are crying out for top coders and developers. If you can code you will be in demand, and actively sought after.

10. Future-proof Your Career with Coding

It’s easy to stay on top of which are the most in-demand coding languages, so enabling you to future proof your career. You can follow websites like the TIOBE index, which produce an annual report of which coding languages are most in demand to help you to stay on top of industry trends and potential opportunities. 

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