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Applying With Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you do not have the academic entry requirements required for the programme preferred, but feel that you have significant experience and learning you can still apply under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) rule. After applications are received, the Admissions Board will determine your suitability for either of our degree programmes. RPL is a process which acknowledges, and gives value to, learning achieved prior to registering for our programme. Prior learning may be a result of successful participation in a formal learning programme for which you were awarded certification, non-formal or informal learning achieved through work, voluntary activities or private study, for which you may not have a certificate or a combination of both of these.

Are you applying with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

The Admissions Office will require your CV to support your application. Please ensure that this CV provides all relevant education and employment details to support your RPL application and contains any other relevant information to consider for the stream being applied for. Samples of work, a portfolio or a suitability test may be required to support your RPL application for the stream chosen. References may also be requested by the Admissions Board.

Please detail in 75 words your reason for applying for the selected programme and your experience in relation to the stream chosen.


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